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2013.05.08 - CSA End of Year BBQ!2013.05.01 - Freeblock May 1st!2013.04.19 - Volunteer Night!2013.04.01 - Jeunes Democrates 2013!2013.02.13 CSA Valentines Day, Science Fair and Intramural Bball!2013.02.06 Black History Month & Freeblock!2013.02.01 SLAM Fest 2013! (Highschool Sports Night)2012..12.02 Champlain Food Drive2012.12.01 CSA Destress Week!2012.10.31 CSA Halloween2013.01.16 SLAM Life Leadership Workshop2013.01.24 CSA Welcome Back Week!2012.11.21 FREEBLOCK!2012.11.25 CSA/SLAM Life Paintball!2012.10.17 Freeblock2012.08.20 Discover SLAM!2012.08.22 CSA Welcome Week